Regulatory Service


Biocides are a widely diversified range of products that are used to destroy/control harmful organisms, including bacteria, fungi, viruses and insects. Consequently, in many countries, biocides, and in many cases products containing biocides, may only be sold if they have been previously registered with and approved by the competent authority in a complex process.

LANXESS Products

We have obtained all the necessary local registrations and approvals for our products and their ingredients. We make sure that the required approval processes for new products are launched on time. Our experts assess toxicology, efficacy and data records for protecting the environment, carry out risk assessments and create dossiers for submission to the regulatory authorities. For our products, we can draw on extensive toxicological and ecotoxicological studies. In addition, we are continuously working on obtaining approval for products or for additional applications in other countries. LANXESS Material Protection Products registration experts are actively involved in association committees and are in close contact with registration authorities, so that we are always informed about the latest developments.

Our support

With our experience and know-how, we support you in the registration process and assist you in the development of safety data and the preparation and filing of a dossier for your products. This includes, of course, the promise that, if needed, we will issue a Letter of Access (LoA). In addition, we advise you on further regulatory issues and in terms of the scope of applications of provisions.

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