Production and Sustainability


We have a global network of production sites. LANXESS MPP is able to produce sustainably by continually adapting to new technologies and ever-changing regulations. Years of experience, constant process improvement and a global production network facilitate the efficient development and manufacture of high-quality products.

In order to be a reliable partner for our customers now and in the future, we are investing in growth. For example, in addition to expanding capacity at our existing manufacturing facilities in Pittsburgh (U.S.), Krefeld (Germany), Changzhou (China) and Jhagadia (India), we recently acquired a production facility in Singapore to better respond to increased local demand.

As a biocide market leader, LANXESS considers product and process sustainability a vital facet of our culture. Production methods have always been designed with resource conservation and environmental sustainability as primary drivers. They are the result of technically advanced and sophisticated manufacturing processes, for which the same HSEQ directives apply everywhere around the world. Regular inspections in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 form an important part of our management system.