Our History

The roots of LANXESS Material Protection Products are deep. In 2004 the Bayer Group was reorganized, resulting in the spin-off of a large portion of its chemicals division. The new company LANXESS was created and went public in 2005. Therefore today, as LANXESS, we combine the tradition and experience of a global group with the dynamics of a young and ambitious company.

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  • Acquisition of the French company Intace SAS, a manufacturer of specialty fungicides for the packaging industry.


  • Acquisition of the Brazilian biocide manufacturer Itibanyl Produtos Especiais (IPEL). It is the first production site in South America for the business unit.


  • LXS acquires the Clean & Disinfect business of US-based chemicals company Chemours. With this, LXS expands its active ingredients portfolio and also extends the value chain in the veterinary disinfection segment through to the end market.


  • LXS becomes listed in Art 95 list as an active supplier for CMIT/MIT, MIT and OIT


  • LXS takes over DGH data and registration from Cytec Industries


  • Relocation of the Headquater from Leverkusen to Cologne
  • Acquisition of the biocide company PCTS and takeover of a production facility in Singapore.


  • Opening of a new production facility in Jhagadia, India


  • Acquisition of the U.S. biocide specialty company Verichem, United States (with the major brand Veriguard®)
  • Acquisition of the material protection business of the Syngenta Company. Addition to the portfolio with more highly effective products for wood protection and industrial applications under the brand names Azotech®, Evipol®, Sporgard® and Xamox®


  • Founding of LANXESS by divestment from the Bayer Group
  • Acquisition of the exclusive rights to distribute Bayer AG's material protection products
  • Establishment of other microbiological laboratories in all major regions of the world


  • Registration of 18 biocidal active ingredients under the EU Biocidal Products Directive, BPD


  • Acquisition of 2 biocidal product lines from Ondeo Nalco under the brand names Tektamer®, Metasol® and Biochek®


  • Acquisition of the Bronopol biocidal business from Union Carbide


  • Expansion of the wood protection portfolio with Tebuconazole from the new azoles active ingredient class


  • Introduction of sulfenamides as blue-stain fungicides for wood coatings.


  • Introduction of Preventol® CMK and Preventol® O extra as new phenolic active ingredients


  • Introduction of the brand name Preventol®


  • Introduction of the first active ingredients for wood protection


  • Start of production of antimicrobial active ingredients: Preservative based on benzoic acid